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girls sitting on the floor in a circle with a colourful canvas in front of them
Girls meet to discuss in a safe environment
In Gaza, Palestine, our local partner, Abdel Shafi Community Health Association (ACHA), provides psychological support services to girls and women, which include topics on violence against vulnerable women in the north. Group sessions create a safe environment for them to blow off steam and better…
photo showing children in a day-care setting with games and balloons
Psychosocial support for children in Gaza
In Gaza, our local partner Center for Women's Legal Research, Counseling and Protection (CWLRCP) provides psychosocial support services to distressed children.  Some of the activities children engage in are designed to be interactive such as painting 🎨, playing and physical activities ⚽️,…
graphics showing the mobile application and its features in Arabic
Mobile app helps find services for women and youth in Gaza
In partnership with Community Media Center, the 'Masahatuna' application was developed to provide health, psychological, legal, social and economic services through community-based organisations in Gaza in order to protect women and youth from domestic violence easily, quickly and safely. …
photo showing women kneeling on mats for yoga class
Yoga sessions for women in Gaza
Our protection project in Gaza Strip in Palestine, in partnership with Abdel Shafi Community Health Association, provides women with yoga sessions, which help in increasing self-healing, reducing stress, and enhancing mental and physical states.  The sessions went on for three days with the…
photo of 4 girls around a table writing on a flipchart
Engaging Girls in Gaza
From indoor to outdoor activities, our partnership with El Amal Rehabilitation Society engages girls in Gaza, Palestine, in group activities that encourage learning and communicating through different ways, which strengthen their self-confidence and help them to develop skills before they become…
photo of about 40 people sitting in a U shape discussing
How to help people with disabilities in transport?
Our local partner Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children, Gaza (ASDC) in Palestine held an auditory session with relevant representatives and parties to discuss the means of transportation and their adaptation to meet the needs of people with disabilities (PWD), especially girls and women.  This…