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Visual Podcast About Cyber-Crime
The possibility of us falling into the trap of #cybercrime increases as our dependence on social media platforms and phone applications increases on a daily basis, but let us think about how we can confront them? What about the mechanisms for holding perpetrators accountable?
Story of Dalia - podcast
Dalia is still suffering from society's view of her because of her having daughters, and her husband ended up marrying another woman. To know Dalia's story, you can listen to the following podcast. The language of the podcast is Arabic.
Discussion with Em Hussien
This podcast shared with us the success story of Em Hussien who challenged all the situations to be independent and economically empowered.  
Podcast on child custody
This podcast introduces you to the reality of child custody and the consequent duties and responsibilities according to the procedures of the applicable law in the Gaza Strip. 
Podcast: introducing app "Masahatona"
This podcast introduces you to Masahatona (our spaces) mobile application, which was produced by the Community Media Center (CMC) to provide an easier, faster, and safer space for GBV victims/ survivors. 
Podcast on early marriage
This podcast was produced to aware us about the meaning of early marriage, its psychological effects, and what measures can be taken to reduce it. 
Electronic extortion - how to avoid it
This podcast was produced to aware us about the meaning of electronic extortion, mechanisms to protect ourselves from it, and practical steps to deal with electronic extortion.