Additional training and learning materials

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Key issues in Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) for the Gazan partners of Terre des hommes Foundation, Lausanne
These are materials of a three-day training organised by Terre des hommes for its partners in Gaza, on monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning.  The materials are the following. Course outline powerpoint presentation Handout 3: Monitoring and Evaluation Definitions and tools…
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Child Marriage
The Child Marriage Model of Action (MoA) is a regional model to guide Terre des hommes (Tdh) operations in design, implementation, and monitoring of interventions addressing child marriage. The MoA is intended to provide technical direction to teams in how to prevent and respond to child marriage,…
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Oxfam's Guide to Feminist Influencing
This guide was designed to help Oxfam staff apply feminist principles and practices to campaigning (including digital and public campaigns), policy and advocacy. It helps people develop simple steps of "putting women in the heart of all they do". "While focused on influencing, which in Oxfam…
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Procedural Guideline of Access to Justice Standards for cases of Violence Against Women and Girls in Formal and Customary/Community-based Justice Systems in the West Bank, Palestine
This publication has been developed to provide key guiding principles and operational recommendations (non-exhaustive) across the different legal and justice stages that female (adults and children) survivors/victims experience. It has been carried out with the goal to reinforce the capacities…
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Example of advocacy strategy
This is an example and template for developing an advocacy srategy, that Tdh's partners can use during their work. 
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The Rainbow Healers: A Child Rights First Response Kit published by CovidUnder19
This is a child-friendly leaflet helping children develop advocacy messages related to child rights during the COVID 19 pandemic. 
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Example of Submission to OHCHR on child marriage
This is an actual submission by the Terre des hommes International Federation to the OHCHR on the issue of forced marriage. This is being provided to organisations as an example of what submissions of this sort look like. 
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Humanitarian Advocacy
This is a power point presentation on how to make joint advocacy for the interests of people effected by natural disasters. 
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Advocacy Toolkit
This toolkit was designed as part of the EU project FORUM FOR Unaccompanied Minors: transfer of knowledge for profesionals to increase foster care. The purpose of the toolkit is to support child rights advocates and other professionals in inflencing governments at national and sub-national levels…
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Palestine. Justice for Children II
Project description page - as an example for partners.
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Learning Process
This is a two-pager on how human beings learn, what are different learning styles and what is the process of learning. 
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Palestine. Justice for Children
Information sheet on the Tdh Justice for Children project, phase 1.
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Global Advocacy Toolkit for the Social Service Workforce (excerpt)
The purpose of the toolkit is to provide professionals with a common set of tools and messages with which they can influence political and programmatic priorities in order to strengthen the social service workforce. The toolkit is research based, solutions focused and includes lessons from…
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Social Network Analysis Handbook
The following handbook is designed to provide a step by step guide to the application of social network analysis for the International Rescue Committee. It has been developed by the Context Adaptability initiative in close collaboration with the IRC teams in Sierra Leone and Myanmar and with…
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Building Capacity for Disability Inclusion in Gender-Based Violence Programming in Humanitarian Settings
The toolkit was  developed in Ethiopia, Burundi, Jordan and the Northern Caucasus in the Russian Federation -with the input and participation of persons with disabilities, as well as GBV practitioners over the course of a joint project of the Women's Refugee Commission and IRC. The tools…
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PSEA Basics Training Guide
The InterAction PSEA Basics Training Guide was developed to provide NGOs with three simple to use training modules which focus on the PSEA fundamentals and can be easily adaptable to many locations. The methodology across the three modules is designed to engage participants through discussions and…
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Straight to the Point: Assessing the Political Environment for Advocacy
This tool helps a team understand the environment they are working in and the key factors they need to consider as they develop their initiative.