Procedural Guideline of Access to Justice Standards for cases of Violence Against Women and Girls in Formal and Customary/Community-based Justice Systems in the West Bank, Palestine

UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women and Girls Project: "Gender Justice to End Violence Against Women and Girls"

This publication has been developed to provide key guiding principles and operational recommendations (non-exhaustive) across the different legal and justice stages that female (adults and children) survivors/victims experience. It has been carried out with the goal to reinforce the capacities and to enhance the quality of the processes of the supply side of justice dealing with VAWG cases; however it can serve to raise awareness, provide information and empower survivors/ victims and/or their persons of support. The Procedural Guideline is expected to serve as a tool to evaluate and monitor the justice pathways when addressing and making intervention plans for women and girls survivors/victims of violence ensuring that, whether the intervention is made by formal or community/customary justice actors, appropriate standards apply and abide by, enabling a justice environment in which survivors/victims are treated fairly, with respect, dignity and equality

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