The Situation of Girls and Boys of the World

On the occasion of the International Day of the Girl Child proclaimed by the UN for October 11, 2012 Terre des hommes launched a campaign “InDifesa” (Helpless) to ensure girls from all over the world access education, health, protection from violence and abuse. With this campaign Terre des hommes puts center of its action in promoting the rights of girls throughout the world, pledging to defend their right to life, freedom, education, equality and protection from work in the field aimed at providing concrete results for break the cycle of poverty and provide better life chances of thousands of children and girls in the world. The report is only available in Italian Chapter breakdown Chapter 1: Infanticide : ‘the missing girls’ – Terre des hommes against infanticide in India Chapter 2: Malnutrition and Infant Mortality Chapter 3: Body Mutilation – Breast Ironing Chapter 4: “You’re female, you do not need to study” Chapter 5: Girls in domestic work – Terre des hommes protecting girls from exploitation in Peru Chapter 6: Violence against girls and women Chapter 7: Sex education – a goal stil far for many girls Chapter 8: Child brides – Terre des hommes prevents early marriages in Bangladesh Chapter 9: Discrimination in legal matters Chapter 10: Trafficking – the current scandal Chapter 11:Still children but already mothers – Terre des Hommes: protection of mothers girls in Ivory Coast Chapter 12: Child soldiers Conclusion: For a practical child protection in the world

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