Provisions to support transgender children in schools

Across the UK, schools are subject to safeguarding duties to protect pupil wellbeing and are required to have anti-bullying policies. Decisions on uniform, provisions for shared sanitary and changing facilities and mixed sport are primarily made by schools themselves, within their respective statutory framework. Under guidance published following recent curriculum changes in England, all pupils should receive teaching on LGBT relationships during their school years.

The summary explains the background and the implementation plan for the new school curriculum in the UK.

The overview introducts the provisions to support transgender children in schools and gives some bulletpoints regarding the transgender pupils' experience of education. Among those are bullying and not being able to use their preferred name

The second part described the situation in England. There has been applied The Equality Act in 2010 in both state and independant schools. In addition to that there has been published some guidance and advice regarding the usage of toilet facilities and changing rooms, sports activities, school uniforms. The part about curriculum reforms and items includes the overview of the Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education and Health Education Regulations launched in 2019, Guidance for schools to Plan your relationships, sex and health curriculum and Guidance for Teaching about relationships, sex and health, including training modules to teach aspects of RSE and also health education at both primary and secondary level.

The third part describes the situaton in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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