A Manual for Empowering young People in Preventing Gender-Based Violence Through Peer Education

The Youth4Youth training manual is the culmination of a series of initiatives undertaken in several European countries that aimed at shedding more light on the issue of gender-based violence among adolescents. Youth4Youth manual is an awareness-raising, training and peer education programme for young people in formal and non formal educational settings. It was developed within the framework of the transnational project Youth4Youth: Empowering Young People in Preventing Gender-based Violence through Peer Education, co-funded by the European Commission Daphne III Programme, and coordinated by the Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS). The programme was shaped with the input of young people from five EU countries – Cyprus, Spain, Italy, Greece and Lithuania – and with support from their respective schools and partner organizations to the project.Over 2300 young people took part in a research study which sought to identify cross-national trends in youth attitudes towards gender related stereotypes and violence. This Manual is a guide to implementing Youth4Youth in your school or youth centre. It contains comprehensive information on the theoretical and practical framework of the programme alongside session plans, activity resources and evaluation tools. The programme can be implemented as a whole or the exercises contained herewith can be adjusted and incorporated independently depending on the needs of each training programme.

Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies
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