Guide on Gender-Sensitive Labour Migration Policies

The Guide aims at presenting good practices and providing tools on how to shape gender-sensitive labour migration processes. Through this Guide, the aim is to encourage states, particularly those in the OSCE area, to include gender-sensitive measures in their labour migration policies. It has been prepared in particular for use by policymakers and practitioners. In so doing, it is hoped that labour migration policies will be developed in a more gender-just way in accordance with OSCE participating States? common commitments and values. The Guide focuses on the fact that female migrant workers often experience different disadvantages in comparison to men at all stages of the migration process, due to their status, to the nature of the employment sector and type of educational requirements as well as stereotyped roles of men and women. The lack of policies addressing female migrant workers? specific needs, limited legal channels for female migrant workers, and/ or their exclusion from labour legislation make them particularly vulnerable to discrimination and exploitation, and in the worst case, fall victims to human trafficking.

Organization For Security And Co-operation In Europe
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