Gender-based violence against refugee & asylum-seeking women - A training tool

Training Manual CCM-GBV project

"Co-creating a Counselling Method for Refugee Women GBV Victims" aims to inform and support refugee women who have been victims of gender-based violence and to improve their access to services. 

The purpose of this training manual is twofold: to serve

  • 1. as a resource for trainers to explore the key forms of GBV affecting refugee women;
  • 2. and as a tool to improve professionals’ capacities on recognising and dealing with GBV in the refugee context.

It may be used by non-governmental organisations (NGOs), authorities or public and private stakeholders working directly in refugee accommodations or NGOs working with refugees outside of refugee shelters, meaning refugee reception centers, shared refugee accommodations, deportation centres and private housings. Trainers may use the manual to tailor their training sessions according to the needs and interests of their training participants. The training should result in participants being able to see the problem and complexity of GBV in the refugee context and its underlying issues, be a source of reflection and be a further enrichment for professionals working with refugee women.

The manual is divided into eight chapters covering different aspects around the topic of GBV in the refugee context. 

  • Chapter 1: How to conduct a training on gender-based violence
  • Chapter 2: Introduction to the topic of gender-based violence
  • Chapter 3: International and regional legal instruments tackling gender-based violence
  • Chapter 4: Social context of violence and the consequences of gender-based violence
  • Chapter 5: Different forms of gender-based violence in the refugee context
  • Chapter 6: Cross-cutting issues
  • Chapter 7: Protection and prevention
  • Chapter 8: Self-care and dealing with traumatised victims of gender-based violence
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