Data Collection Analysis - Romania - BRIDGE Project

This report has been developed as part of the regional project “Building Relationships through Innovative Development of Gender Based Violence Awareness in Europe – BRIDGE”, which has the aim to strengthen the statutory response to gender-based violence (GBV) affecting children and youth on the move in EU contries. One of the concrete objectives is to “enhance the availability of reliable data on GBV against children and youth on the move”. In line with this objective, the BRIDGE project partnership has developed a user-friendly mobile data collection tool which includes questionnaires for care professionals and for children and youth on the move. The tool is being used in the project countries (Belgium, Greece, Malta and Romania) to gather data related to GBV affecting children and youth on the move. The data collection activities are conducted in three rounds in each of the project countries.

The report presents the key findings from the first round of data collection activities in Romania, highlighting the general tendencies on the level of knowledge about GBV among care professionals and children and youth on the move; migrant children's and youth's attitudes towards GBV; the capacities of care professionals working with children and youth on the move and GBV, etc.

The collected data has reiterated the need for the provision of practical information to children and youth in the move on how they can address various forms of GBV, both from the position of the by-stander or the victim. The analyzed data has shown that, in general, the percentage of available services mentioned by the care professionals is much higher compared to the services reported by youths. Therefore, there seems to be a disjunction between the services that can theoretically be accessed by migrant children and youth and their level of awareness regarding the available services. These findings reiterate the need and relevance of the BRIDGE project and its activities, particularly with regards to raising the awareness of children and youth on the move on GBV to enable them to better protect themselves.


The BRIDGE project is supported by the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014-2020)

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