Caring for Boys Affected by Sexual Violence

Report from Family for Every Child

Family for Every Child produced a report this year titled 'Caring for Boys Affected by Sexual Violence'. 

This initial study sought to understand existing knowledge on the drivers of sexual violence affecting boys, and the existing interventions in this area. It is the first stage of a wider project, designed to inform the future planned work of Family for Every Child member organisations; to understand how social norms around gender influence how boys affected by sexual violence are cared for; and to identify the efforts of likeminded organisations to ensure that boys affected by sexual violence reach full recover and grow up in a safe environment. This study explored both sexual abuse experienced by boys, as well as harmful sexual behaviour of boys. 

This initial stage involved informant interviews and literature reviews - secondary research. The upcoming phase of this study is conducting primary research, which involves consulting families and children.

Please find attached below two documents: the first is a 4-page Executive Summary, the other the full report of 55 pages. You may find out more at Family for Every Child's website embedded below, including Arabic, Spanish, and Russian versions of the report. 

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